Psychic Humbug

I draw a circle of love abound. A sacred space upon the ground. As above and so below, let the power start to flow. With love and light I shine bright. I welcome all to destroy the blight.

We join together in heart and mind. No greater deed shall we find. Blessings of love, light and compassion to one and all. With thankful hearts we do call. Join us now upon our path, teach us well so we may work, in all good things the best we bring.

Thank you

I’m going to be using this site as a Blog and maybe other things. I’ll be talking about a range of different things but mainly what I’m up to at the moment or stuff I’ve been doing. Sometimes things may get emotional or even ranty but hey that’s life.

If there is anything you think I should write about get in touch and let me know.

I will mention people’s names at some point or I may make up names for them but I will never use the full name though. Either way please don’t go stalking them or me.

Remember be nice and if you can’t be nice keep it zipped. Think it’s a good rule to live by. Anyway read on if you want and big up the life you have……

Here are some random affirmations to help you live a positive life:

I am my own super hero
I am strong
I am wholeness
I am love. I am purpose. I was made with divine intention
I am pure delight
Note to self – I’m going to make you so proud
I am a beacon of light
I let go of worry
My life has meaning and purpose
If it doesn’t feel right I don’t do it
I am bliss
I am choosing and not waiting to be chosen
I am love. I am purpose. I was made with divine intention
I can do this
I let go of all that no longer serves me
I refuse to give up because I haven’t tried all possible ways
I deserve the best and I accept the best now
I am light
I let go of anger
I give thanks for my many blessings
I do my work honestly
I am adventurous, I overcome my fears by following my dreams
I am love, I love myself and love everything else
My presence is my power
I don’t let others run my life
I can do all the things
I am whole
I am enough
I don’t sweat the small stuff
I can, I will, End of story
I am amzing
I am kind and compassionate to all
I am love
I will not compare myself to strangers on the Internet
I have the power to create change
When you really want it, you are unstoppable
I am peace

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