Karuna is compassion in action. This method of healing is all about compassion.

Karuna can help with many different things. It can heal things from past lives and any trauma that has come through to this one.

This form of healing is different to reiki even though some of the concepts are the same. It is a completely different energy. Reiki is just universal energy where as Karuna has that along with the compassion side. This energy can be stronger but will work a lot deeper down. Karuna will start working at the root of the issue and move outwards where as I’ve found reiki to do the opposite.

As I’ve said before Karuna is all about compassion. It is the connectedness of everything and how all things interact with each other.

For example you may say you want Karuna to help with back pain. It will help but not necessarily the way you think. It may push you toward changing your posture and getting a different bed. It will have gone to the root cause of the problem which in this case is posture and the bed. By changing and healing these things the back pain will be treated.

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