Healing Tree

This is my online healing tree. If you’d like to add someone’s name to the tree please fill in the form. This healing tree is being sent love, light and healing energy continually by a crystal grid I have set up. I’ll also be sending healing energy to it as well. Please spare a moment to send love light and healing to the tree. Thank you

Teresa Kelly
Hannah Norris
Gill Little
Elaine Villers
Pam Johnston
Natasha Unsworth
Trevor Villers
Oliver Villers
Anne Ryder
Linda Farnell
Jessica Gartside
Bob Hughes
Names on the Keystone Crystals healing list
Helen Atkinson
Christopher Mills
Tracy Turner
Nicola Gill
Kim Edge
Bev Schofield
Melissa Heney
Mandy Shorrock
Ondray Botkoveli
Graham Bater
Jean Moe
Keith Atkinson
Pam Pickford
Morgan ‘Grim’ Pack
John Young
Beryl Griffiths
Charlotte Turner
Linda Taylor
Harvey Bowker
Sarah Pickles
Maggie Young
Terence Heney
Jon Mitchell
Ruby The Keystone Pooch
Kyle Atherden
Maggie the Epilepsy Response S D
Teresa Lawson
Carl Roberts
Dawn Turnbull
Jenni Bailey
Katie Bowker
Gordon Moe
Marjory Richardson
Lizz Openshaw

With blessings of love and light may those named on the tree receive healing and energy to help them on their journey through life.

The names won’t be added straight away, I need to do some jiggery pokery first, but I’ll get the name added as soon as I can.

I won’t be taking any names off the tree but if you feel its no longer necessary for a name to be on there please get in touch.

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